Programación día 20

PROGRAMA: Músicos Mexicanos (1era hora)

Mixfuckedup – Imaginación Controlada

Umbertt Nervous – In a galaxy far away

Umbertt Nervous – Star guars and my housen domination

Rankush – Dni Cznyelka


Gélido- Cycles of Depression

Zofa – Cycles

Abduct – OCK

Jack’s Son – Wasted on the Sidewalk


Cezna – Himalaya

Laos – Ross Endo

VEKTOR – Cotbell

MHV – Tipsstep

Hz Missing Johanna

PROGRAMA: Resumen (segunda hora)

Blockehead – Maelstrom

Free the Robots – Inter Alma

Letherette – Eye to Eye

Jackson & Computer Band – Utopia


James Holden – Lumpette

Autechre – Foil

Amon Tobin – Straight Psyche

Clark – Die Slow (HEALTH rmx)


Squarepusher – Hello Meow

Plaid – New Family

Venetian Snares – Hajnal


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