FlyLo Lays-it-DOWN!

I just heard the new master-production by Flying Lotus, and just… Perfect!!! Every song is really powerful and filled with soul-indulged atmospheres. The beats are just mid-blowing. He has definitely marked his style with them, you can actually recognize his particular fat-ass beats along his musical career. But in this album they are heavier and chunkier! Expect African drums and in even ping-pong balls! What really struck my attention was the usage of bass. He really emphasized on most of the songs to make the bass the leading force of the melody. Real jazz! And in some of them; a definite Squarepusheresque feel to it. To top it off; the album is guided by a harp that makes the whole thing a concept within itself. It all seems to be contained in one colorful micro-universe descending into a void of peaceful disarray. The man is definitely from outer-space.

You can download an interactive application from his website. It’s pretty cool, you can control music by using your webcam or mouse.

>>>>¡Check It!<<<<


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