Barron Storey

I just bought this book today in a little comic book store in St. Marks and it is… AMAZING!!!!!! I bought because the title named two people I highly admire; Jean-Paul Marat and the Marquis de Sade and the cover illustration looked awesome. It is not your conventional book however… It is the diary entries of artist Barron Storey where he tracks down the story of his life throughout the eyes of Marat and Sade. All of the pages are obsessive paintings with writings all over them. Really interesting and addictive to the eye, as each page is filled with crude; yet compelling artwork. It is a mix between Francis Bacon/Rauschenberg and Polish Art; it is a must for all of you who find the darker side of things attractive hehe. So glad I found about this guy!

Buy his book!

Something  I just found out however; is that he also works for Pixar from time to time; and is a current teacher in the California College of Art; pretty cool! Anyhow, here is the style of what you might find in his journal entries if you but the book!

>>>>If you wanna see more of his work; he has a blog; or website<<<<


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