Herr Bar

Chris Clark is one of my favorite electronic-based musician; his eclecticism in music seems to inspire everyone to do something different and slightly strange. In this case, Austrian-born filmmaker: Clemens Kogler. He did a video-collage made out of  only human body parts where he managed to create interesting metaphors by “dehumanizing” the body  where he gave it a new meaning to its existence. See it as a carnal playground, but not in the gore-ish sense, its biotic and fun! This video was made for the Radarfestival, a creative competition formed by three major record labels: WARP, Domino and Tummy Touch. I am a big fan of Warp records, so whatever they submit, organize or release, its gonna be good! And yes, I’m a Warp groupie… hehe

Aywho, check out his video, its awesome. chaca chaca

Make sure to check out Clark’s music! It’s the BEAT!



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