Green Heart Initiative

My friend Walter is pitching a project where; if he wins, he will be given a budget of $200,000 to carry on his idea! He explains: “Eleven professionals in the fields of entertainment and film will be carefully selected to guide and teach eleven inner city high school students about all aspects of film production encompassed in an Eco-friendly environment. Working in groups, students will create and market events in the local community that will showcase their current projects. Library and learning center events will inform and encourage the public to participate in the group’s mission.” This is a great way to support our New York community; by using technology as a tool for success and aid for the young; who after all, are in charge of our future! Please make sure to visit the >>>>site<<<< too read more about the project and vote for him to win this amazing contest!

Green Heart Marketing

Green Heart Marketing


One response to “Green Heart Initiative

  1. Excited excited.. I went to the Foundation Center yesterday. The Foundation Center offers free training for individuals and 501(c)(3) Organizations.
    If you need funding : The Foundation Center can help prepare you

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