Tendons as Strings

Iva Bittová. What a woman! She is a truly gifted violinist/singer from Bruntál, Moravia; what used to be the Czechoslovakia. Her music ranges from traditional Eastern European Folk Poetry Songs to Avant-Garde compositions and improvisations with the best in the genre: Fred Frith and John Zorn. The violin seems to be a natural extension of her body, and her voice is distinct and unusual; yet very beautiful and powerful. Her music is honest and really imaginative; she is a true artist and dedicated craftswoman of what’s yet to be discovered. For me, she is one of the modern pioneers in Eastern European music who keeps a strong hold in its roots but evolves from its past to create something new and substantial. In addition, she adds humour and surreality to her performance making her one of the most interesting female musicians; for me at least…. And she’s beautiful!

Hmmm, a lot of people say that there are no good musicians nowadays; but I have to disagree. Just open your eyes in new directions; you might find something amazing!

Check out her awesome performance! I think this is one of my favorite songs. Expect something different, hehe

>>>>She is also playing at Carnegie Hall on April 14, 9:00 pm<<<<



2 responses to “Tendons as Strings

  1. Wey, sus mascaritas me siguen sacando de pedo jaja..good musack dow

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