S H P O N G L E L A N D!!!

I can’t even begin to describe the excitement about this new release!!!! Shpongle has indeed, released a new album!!!! (Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland) And it is… indescribably out-of-this-world. WOW. Simon Posford doesn’t cease to amaze me; shit, it even gave me chills when I was listening to it!  There is a huge scope of instruments: clarinets, hangdrums, cellos, delicious synths and the usual insanity! Aargh! I don’t know what to write any more; I am listening to its grooves right now and its too much!!! Its emotive, powerful, surreal, imaginative and different from most stuff being released nowadays. All I can say is; welcome to shpongleland and LET’S GET SHPONGLED!

If you buy the CD it also includes a DVD with live performances; I think it’s really worth it!

From his record label: Twisted Records or  Psyshop


3 responses to “S H P O N G L E L A N D!!!

  1. Shpongle you are oh so delicious…

  2. been playing it all morning and have been very very happy. yes shpongle YES!

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