Blood, Blooms and Blossoms

Leila Arab is a musician that moved to London after the Iranian Revolution in 1979 where she still works and lives today. She has been experimenting in the heavy tide of electronic music and has found her niche in the genre. She has toured with Björk’s live band performing on the keyboards and remixing sounds on the spot. She has released 3 albums so far; and the last one: Blood, Blooms and Blossoms is the one that ties all of them together. It is a solid statement on how her style has evolved into something completely new, defying and fresh. Swaying choruses, liquid ambiance and heavy distortions wrap her sound in a delicate, yet powerful way to elevate the senses into the heart of the night!

>>>>Click here to listen to the song “Mettle” on WARP Records!<<<<


One response to “Blood, Blooms and Blossoms

  1. Fino fino fino – soothing grooves, interesting atmospheres.

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