Sultry Vocals and Phat Beats!

Vincent & Mr. Green is by far one of my favorite bands as far as production, creative use of sampling and experimentation in the making. Their sound is really unique, with a blend of old western music, distorted hip-hop beats and hovering “Lynchean” soundtrack-sounding ambience. They are a very powerful duo: Jade Green (vocalist) and Keefus Ciancia (pianist & keyboards); they manage to make a truly unique dusky and surreal atmosphere. “Somehow accidentally conceptual, the songs mean to treat the listener to a film of comedic style or drama; or maybe a stroll through the Louvre where every painting is a story in itself, varying to hard degrees of emotion, both good and evil, funny and sombre, surreal or real.” Found this on the IPECAC Recordings site; where they have their one and only CD up to date (2004). Yesterday I found an amazing new song on their myspace page and decided to hijack it, sorry! It is a demo for a supposedly new album, but haven’t heard any news from them… and that was on 2008… booo hoo… Sooo lets pray to Apollo they delight us with something new!!!

Mi amor!

>>>>Download the Mommamama mp3<<<<


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